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Gymnasium with full commercial kitchen, serving bar, tables and chairs for up to 275 people, stage & balcony. Perfect for large parties, receptions and fun times. Balls, tables and other equipment available upon request.


Worship Center

Perfect for any ceremony, our sanctuary offers seating for up to 315 guests. Equipped with full sound system, overhead projection and stage lighting available upon request. This space boast with beautiful exposed beams and neutral decor to match any style.  


Youth Room

If you need a unique place to hang out and play some games, this is it. Our one-of-a-kind youth room  comes with a detached kitchen, serving bar, couches and gaming. Fun, comfortable space for all ages, especially kids, teens and young adults. 



Need a space to share some knowledge, or get together and plan? We have classrooms available to help you do just that.


Extra teaching equipment available upon request. 


Gathering Place

If a small party is good fit for you, our Gathering Place is perfect for the occasion. With its comforting style, full kitchen, stage and seating for 30, it's sure to please. Perfect for showers and entertaining.



Two church vans are available upon request for individuals on our insurance plan to use for church functions. We currently have a Ford 12-passenger van and a Kia Sedona mini van. Contact us for approval to reserve the one that's right for your next event.

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