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God never intended for us to do life alone. We are stronger together, and that is especially true when it comes to our faith journey. If you want to grow in your relationship with God, then you need intentional relationships with His people. That's why we are crazy about life groups. Our life groups, typically 12-15 people, are a great place to connect with a group of people who are at a similar stage of life. Our groups meet at various locations all around the community, including our church. There is never a bad time to join a group!

In life groups we emphasize Relationships, Prayer and Bible Study: 

  • Relationships (John 17:22-23Eph 4:15-16Col 3:12-17Heb 3:1310:24-25) - PRCC life groups are the front lines of relationship building within our congregational community. We expect our groups to have fun together and care for one another well! Many of them spend more time eating and laughing together than they do in the Word...and that's the way we want it! We want you to receive encouragement, to feel a part of a close knit community, to find real and meaningful connections, and enjoy the fellowship God established for His church body.

Each PRCC Life Group is led by a:

  • Host:  someone to coordinate time, place, and food. (This doesn't necessarily have to be a PRCC "member".)

  • Apprentice:  someone who works under a Leader, in a mentoring type relationship, to learn to shepherd a group well, with a view toward starting another group when ready. (PRCC membership not required.)

  • Leader:  someone who serves as a life group facilitator to lead discussions during Bible study time, who is comfortable leading prayer time, and is tasked with spiritual oversight and pastoral care for the group. (Must be a member of PRCC.)

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