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21 Days Of 

Prayer & Fasting

Why 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting?
February 7th-27th, 2022

We believe God will honor our prayers for Him to heal our land, mend relationships, and to form us as disciples of Christ even in the middle of discouragement, heartache, and the unknown.

How To Participate: 

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Download A Prayer Guide: 

What's The Point of Fasting?

Here are some helpful coaching tips from Donald Whitney, author of "Spiritual Disciplines For the Christian Life," on why it is important to fast and pray. 

 More Teachings On

Prayer & Fasting 

There are many reasons to engage in the discipline of fasting. Here are 3 big reasons to observe this discipline. 

The Bible outlines many ways to fast. Take a listen to this video and consider what kind of fast is most interesting to you at this time.  

This video was designed for a previous prayer and fasting campaign regarding, "How to do a social media fast." The Information is still applicable!

Jesus models 3 steps to help cultivate prayer in our lives.

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