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We are FOR PINEY +

Jesus says in John 23:35 that we are known as His disciples by the way we love one another. When we say we are FOR PINEY + that means we love our community. We are located in Piney Flats but we are also active in communities beyond our address! Below we have listed a few initiatives for things to come in 2022. 

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For PINEY+ Podcast

On the For Piney+ Podcast we will be talking with individuals throughout the Piney Flats community and beyond!  We are excited to introduce you to community leaders as well as businesses! 

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For The Neighborhood

On dedicated dates throughout the year we will be serving different neighborhoods as a church. 


Piney Flats 5K

In 2022, we will be hosting a 5K for the Piney Flats community. All proceeds will be going towards an organization in our community. ! If you would like to partner with us to plan this 5K please reach out to our church office. 


Free Oil Change: For Single Mom's and Widows

Providing a free oil change for a single mom or widow in our community is one of our favorite events! Don't let the name throw you, there are plenty of ways to serve at one of these occasions besides working under the hood. Volunteer opportunities include: hospitality room, registration desk, changing oil, or washing cars.